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Artistic Statement

headshot taken by Parker Canby

Headshot taken by Parker Canby

Pronouns: she/they

Height: 5"3

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

My work grasps for answers to the great questions of who and what we are at our core. Whether this is humanity as a collective or a single person, I want to understand people and society in order to grapple with an uncertain future. My work lies in a state of limbo where there are touches of the past, now, and future in a timeless place where myth and reality come together. Each of my pieces has underlying queer tones, explorations of mental illness, and the complicated feelings between characters and what love is. This includes familial, romantic, platonic, sexual, self-love, hate, and what lies in between. Currently, my writing has centered around folklore and mythology in conversation with our eternal questions about humanity. As an actor, I also face these hard questions. I was trained in Grotowski, Suzuki, Viewpoints, and Meisner, which has fostered trusting my gut, directors, and scene partners. From greek choruses (Bakkhai) to one person shows (Gorgonzola), I face what is scary and work with my creative team to embrace it. I strive to not be fearless, but comfortable with the unknown. Playwrights that continue to inspire me are Sarah Ruhl, Anne Carson, Tony Kushner, and Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig. Actors that I look up to and admire are Lupita Nyong'o, Olivia Coleman, Pheobe Waller Bridge, Robin Williams, David Tennent, and Elijah Wood.


Twelfth Night | Zoe Gray | Foul Fiends Theatre Troupe | 2023


The D Project | Ivan Talijanic | Wax Factory | 2023


Romeo and Juliet | John Ribovich | Theater 71 | 2023


Ghost | Olivia Ray | Experimental Theater Wing | 2022


The Bakkhai | Adelynn Anderson | Playwrights Horizon Theater School | 2022


Gorgonzola | Charlotte Nash | Broke People Play Festival | 2021


Marjorie Prime NYU Experimental Theater Wing | Ryan Dobrin | 2021



Staged Reading at Brick Aux | Zoe Gray | 2023

A Gape

NYU Experimental Theater Wing | Olivia Ray | 2022


NYU Collaborative Arts | Dylin Taylor | 2022



The Place Company Della luna | Olivia Amicangioli | 2023


Matters of the Heart | Max Tiefer | NYU Student Thesis Film | 2022

Lebanon Fairweather

Ghost Audition | Olivia Ray | Experimental Theater Wing | 2021


Monsters Though We Are | Zoe Gray | Experimental Theater Wing | 2021

Percy Shelly

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